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Our Outdoor Adventure Camp is an all-in-one survival / wild camping experience, where you can come and learn outdoor / survival skills and stay overnight in our survival A-frame shelters. we now have 3 packages: A half day introduction or full day adventure or you can choose to stay in your very own exclusive camp overnight, you will be completely supported from the moment you arrive to the minute you leave. So if no-one in your group has ever camped before, there is no need to worry we take care of everything so you get the best from your experience, we supply the food and all kit and equipment all you need to bring is your outdoor clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste.

The badger and the bear is no ordinary survival school / campsite it is a wild camping experience for everyone from the seasoned outdoors men to the first timer.

You love the outdoors but it can be expensive this is our way of giving you a fantastic experience at a great price.

Check out Packages to book and find out how great value it is to take all you family and friends on this great overnight adventure.

You can use our website to find us just off the A697 road between Longhorsley and Longframlington.

If you choose our day time adventures you can come for a half day morning or afternoon you will get lunch or dinner included in the price. The full day adventure includes your evening meal. When you choose to stay overnight you arrive between 1200-1400 hrs you’ll be welcomed and given your exclusive camp, your kit will be provided for your use while on your adventure including: snug sleeping bags, comfortable roll mats, bivvi bags, fresh water bottles, torches and a great activity book for everyone to get started on the quests to find the rewards.

We will then go in to an afternoon of survival skills to keep everyone entertained, learning skills like making string from nettles and making a fishing net, finally finishing with fire building.

Then we will cook a delicious steak dinner on an open fire before roasting marshmallows in to the evening.

In the morning we will re-light the fire and cook breakfast of sausage and eggs, before adventuring all over again.

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